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Making real change

At Discover®, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion is more than a trendy sentiment.
We’re committed to creating and supporting a workforce that reflects our communities, our customers, and a just society. We’ve established and are evolving measurable North Star Goals in four areas.

Increase the representation of women and People of Color at all management levels to 50% and 40%, respectively, by 2025

Increase representation of Black and Latinx at all management levels to 15% by 2025

Establish equity measures to identify and address potential biases, which will improve recruiting, retention, and internal mobility

Achieve equally strong employee inclusion across all identity groups by 2024

Use our full platform of jobs, supplier spend, charitable contributions, products, and more to advance equity and motivate others to effect change

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Updated 06/08/2022

Leading the way

In 2020, the new position of Chief Diversity Officer was created at Discover. Jonita Wilson was promoted to this role, recognizing her years-long commitment to lead DE&I efforts at Discover. Wilson leads our DE&I evolution, transforming our established systems to ensure greater equity in everything we do.

Jonita Wilson
VP, Chief Diversity Officer

For more information on our DE&I approach, download our 2021 report.

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Updated 06/08/2022

All data is US-based as of 12/31/2021 unless otherwise specified.
Current data on gender is measured Men/Women. We recognize this does not represent the full spectrum, and we will be updating our measurement in the near future.