Web accessibility for all

Discover is committed to creating a seamless online experience for everybody.

Embracing all abilities

We want everyone to be able to navigate our website, which is why we strive to develop our digital experiences with accessibility in mind.

What we do

We explore enhancements across Discover's digital landscape to provide our users with comfortable and convenient experiences.


We aim to design and build digital experiences with consideration for all of our users. Our ADA development team coordinates testing that focuses on accessibility best practices and tools like JAWS, Voiceover, and Talkback.


From clearly labeling pages, sections, and fields with language that works best with screen readers to providing video transcripts and captions, our goal is to streamline navigation and overall experience for all users, including those who are vision or hearing impaired.

Our work continues

We're always looking into new and better accessibility features, and we welcome your suggestions on how to enhance the accessibility of the Discover web experience.